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Waterproof Dry Bags by Odyssey Review

If you are an adventure lover and don’t have a dry bag in your arsenal yet, it may be time for you to consider buying one because these dry bags can prove to be a lifesaver in many situations. While you’re out in the wilderness, you may encounter scenarios where you may have to choose between protecting your valuable items or your well-being; this may especially be the case if you have been caught in a storm or rain with no shelter in sight. Having a dry bag at your disposal can mean the difference between coming home safe with all your items or being forced to leave half of your stuff out there in the storm.

For situations like the one mentioned above, Waterproof Dry Bags by Odyssey have brought you an outstanding lineup of dry bags that are meant to be used in extreme conditions such as white-water rafting, kayaking through a fierce lake, or going diving with your buddies. You can use this bag to protect your valuables from rain, snow, dirt and debris, mud, etc. This marine grade waterproof bag has been made using thermo welded PVC tarpaulin that can last a lifetime even when ruggedly used. Need more reasons why you should buy this bag? Well, keep reading below.


Material Quality: Odyssey has established its reputation by consistently manufacturing reliable and sturdy products that have stood the test of time. When you buy a dry bag produced by this company, you can be assured of the fact that it is made of extremely durable material. The bags provide excellent waterproofing as they are made of unique quality thermo welded PVC tarpaulin that has been tried and tested by sailing teams and professional diving companies for reliability. Dry bags have to be waterproof and sturdy enough to withstand extreme weather conditions that may go well beyond rain.

The material is stain resistant; UV protected, antistatic, antibacterial, and temperature resistant, meaning you can use the back in almost any kind of weather condition as long as you do not submerge it completely underwater.

Sure, the main reason for buying a dry bag is to protect stuff from water, but they can be useful for a whole lot of other reasons! The Odyssey logo symbolizes not only their brand identity but also represents the trust people have put on the company to give them high-quality camping gear. So, as far as reliability is concerned, you are in safe hands if you decide to go with Odyssey.

Available Sizes: The company understands that different people have their own choices and for that reason, they have dry bags on offer that come in two sizes – 10 L and 20 L. The bag with 10 L capacity is suitable for storing small essential items and clothing so that they do not get affected by water. For larger items, however, unit to go for the 20 L variant that would be good enough for holding your clothes, some dry food, camping essentials, and other electronics that you may have with you. But, don’t expect to fit in camping tents or other larger provisions because to do that, you would need at least a 50 L bag. Don’t worry; people don’t always really need a dry bag that big and the chances are that you won’t as well. However, if you plan on going on an extended trip, consider getting the 20 L waterproof bag.

Greater Flexibility: If you have never wondered about the possibilities of using a dry bag other than for protecting items from getting wet, then you are clearly not thinking right. There are many uses for a dry bag apart. They can be used as a bucket for holding water, a container for carrying chopped firewood back to the base camp, as a makeshift pillow by inflating it, used as a kettlebell after filling it up with water, and even as a flotation device to tag along as you cross a river or any water body. It is easy to use because all you have to do is stuff in your items inside of the bag and fold the roll top three times to get a secured sealing against water.

Bonus Features: What makes the Waterproof Dry Bags by Odyssey even more unique is the fact that you get free stuff with every single purchase. The company offers free shoulder straps that make carrying these bags easier as you can simply throw the strap over your shoulder and carry it like a gym bag or college bag. But that’s not all; you also get a free smartphone dry bag that has been specially designed to offer greater protection to your electronic gadgets, especially the smartphone you heavily rely upon for critical information. The smartphone dry bag is small, and hence can be used for storing leather wallets, keys, and other essentials. Overall, you get everything you need to keep your stuff dry while usually carrying whatever is on your back.


Of course, like every other dry bag brand in the market, this too comes with its own set limitations. While the company produces exceptional quality dry bags and makes them available at highly affordable rates, some people have complained about the warranty policy and the difficulty they had in claiming it. But you need not worry because these are just isolated incidents and Odyssey is dedicated to offering you only the best after sales service possible.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the Waterproof Dry Bags by Odyssey has succeeded in the market and made a long lasting impression on customers who have bought the products. If you want to check out their entire lineup, the different variety of colors, and other important details, go ahead and or the company’s official site.

Product Specs
Name: Waterproof Dry Bags by Odyssey
Material: Thermo welded PVC tarpaulin
Color: Black, orange
Sizes: 20 L, 30 L

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