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Outdoor Products Ultimate Dry Sack Pack Review

Waterproof dry bags are a god send, especially if you are an avid adventurer. Not only are these bags great for carrying your belongings, they are fully waterproof as well. Moreover, you can also use these bags as a life buoy. Although these bags may not have smart storage pockets or multiples zippers, they are much more capable than water-resistant backpacks when it comes to adventuring in treacherous environments.

In this article, we will review a slightly different variant of waterproof dry bags from Outdoor Products. This package comes with 3 different waterproof dry sacks, and the best part about this product is the unmatched value for money it offers. Read along to find out everything you need to know about this incredibly useful set of waterproof dry sacks.


Sizes Available: This set of 3 waterproof dry sacks comes in 3 different sizes. The smallest one measures in at 7.75 inches X 13 inches (19.7 cm X 33 cm). The second one has 9.5 inches x 15.5 inches (24.1 cm X 39.4 cm) as its dimensions, while the papa bear of the lot measures in at 10.75 inches X 22 inches (27.3 cm X 56 cm). The waterproof dry sacks have a capacity of 2, 4 and 8 liters respectively.

In our opinion, the 3 different waterproof dry sacks are perfect for organizing your items. The small size is best for your mobile phone, charger and electronic cables. The medium size is ideal for camera gear, and the large size is great for keeping your clothes dry. However, your mileage can vary.

Material:  The material used for these Outdoor Products dry sacks are not quite as waterproof as the PVC material waterproof dry bags like the Waterproof Backpack from Big Horn Products. Moreover, these dry sacks are not meant for full submersion. However, it is far more effective in shielding water compared to a standard water-resistant backpack.

These waterproof dry sacks are made up of a soft and flexible ripstop fabric with a watertight roll-top closure which allows for maximum compression. The ripstop fabric is ideal for harsh environments as they are highly durable and can prevent puncture even from a sharp object. Moreover, these sacks are also polyurethane coated and come with watertight, double-stitched, tape-sealed seams which further enhance its water resistance.

Portability: Since the dry sacks are made up of a soft ripstop fabric, they are incredibly lightweight. Moreover, these dry sacks can be folded or rolled up when you are not carrying items inside it. In fact, all the dry sacks in this set can be folded or rolled up to fit your pocket as well.

However, the one major downside to this dry sack is the lack of handles or straps. Therefore, it hard to carry around, especially if you have filled up the 8-liter sack to the brim. In our opinion, these sacks are best used with a rucksack or backpack to carry them along. The sacks themselves do not take up much space, so carrying it inside a backpack will be the ideal thing to do.

Ease of Use: We feel that the lack of handles or straps makes it hard to lug around. However, we feel that these sacks were never meant to be used as standalone products; they are perfect for carrying in a rucksack or backpack.

Value: While the dry sacks from Outdoor Products might not have scored well in the above two sections, it outshines every other competitor in this category. These set of 3 dry sacks have to be one of the most value for money dry bags available in the market today. You get 3 dry sacks of separate sizes for a shade under the $10 price point! That is incredible value in our opinion.


In the crowded market of dry bags, rarely does a product offer incredible value like the set of 3 dry sacks from Outdoor Products. If you are in the market for an inexpensive set of waterproof dry bags, then go right ahead and purchase this product.

Product Specs
Name: Outdoor Products Ultimate Dry Sack Pack of 3
Material: Ripstop fabric coated with polyurethane
Color: Black, blue, green, red, camouflage and assorted
Sizes: 2 L, 4 L, 8 L

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