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Leader Accessories New Heavy Duty Vinyl Waterproof Dry Bag Review

If you love the great outdoors or find yourself traveling to offbeat locations every so often, then the certain piece of equipment that would greatly make your life easier is a dry bag. Sure, you may not hear about this travel gear as much as people emphasize the need to have good shoes or a decent rucksack, but it is something that you should have regardless, because of its tremendous utility value. The point of having a dry bag is simply to protect your travel gear and items from getting wet. Due to their high efficiency, people who are in adventure sports like boating, kayaking, whitewater rafting, snowboarding, etc. use dry bags.

If you are in need of a reliable and efficient driver, then the Leader Accessories New Heavy Duty Vinyl Waterproof Dry Bag is just what you need to make your outings even more fun. Once you have this dry bag, you won’t always have to be extra careful in maintaining your materials because it comes with the necessary waterproofing capability to keep your gear perfectly safe. But that’s not all; there are plenty of other features provided by this equipment because of which it has become such a popular product in recent times.


Available Sizes: Leader Accessories is a company that is widely revered for their top of the line-up travel gear, as they are considered to be some of the best in this industry. What makes the dry bags of Leader Accessories even more appealing is the fact that they manufacture these in a wide range of sizes that are suitable for everyone. Beginning from a 5 L variant and extending all the way up to 55 L, these bags offer excellent value for money and the excellent storage space for travelers and adventure enthusiasts of all types and ages.

The sizes that are available are 5 L, 10 L, 15 L, 20 L, 30 L, 40 L, and 55 L and each one of them have their own special appeal to that niche audience. For casual travelers, the 5 L and 10 L capacity bags may be enough to store items for a weekend trip; however, for more enthusiastic and frequent travelers, they might need a bag of higher capacity that can store various items will worth of a week’s journey. Choosing the appropriate size is vital when it comes to picking a dry bag as picking a smaller or larger size than what you need may cause trouble while you’re on the move.

Material Quality: Leader Accessories New Heavy Duty Vinyl Waterproof Dry Bag, as the name suggests, is made of high-quality vinyl polyester trilaminate with other durable material that makes it sufficient for high-frequency usage. It consists of high-frequency welded seams that add more ruggedness to the outer body surface and the necessary waterproofing capability to seal out water completely. This bag is 100% waterproof and does perform well in wet situations where you might be boating, kayaking, whitewater rafting, skiing, or doing any activity where water is involved. There is a total of seven attractive colors available for you to choose from so that you may pick the one that takes your fancy.

Ease of Use: What makes this dry bag even more popular is the user-friendly sealing system that can be learned in no time. To seal the bag, all you have to do is just fold it over once from the top, and you’re all ready to go. It is truly waterproof and robust enough to withstand harsh conditions where it might be subjected to long spells of water exposure. It can even survive quick submerging and protect all your valuable essentials such as smartphones, chargers, camera lens, and other important stuff from getting wet. However, it is important that you do not constantly keep it submerged under water as it may lead to faster degradation of the outer coating. Also, remember not to drop this bag from a height because it does not have the necessary cushion to protect fragile items from fall damage.

Portability: Be it climbing mountains or crossing rivers; this dry bag offers excellent portability to suit every type of condition and activity. You can easily take it on camping trips, for hiking and for hunting as it comes with easy to adjust shoulder strap that can be adjusted to any length depending on the user’s need. It works great even under waterfalls and during a downpour and keeps your content is perfectly dry. Serious adventurers, however, may need to buy better quality strap separately and additional quick release clasps. There are plenty of other ways in which you can use this dry bag, and that is the beauty of this product that Leader Accessories has made.

Value: Worried about the product failing? There is absolutely no need because the company offers a 30 day return policy where you can claim a full refund of your money if you don’t like this dry bag. Overall, Leader Accessories New Heavy Duty Vinyl Waterproof Dry Bag can be said to be a product that offers complete value for money as it is priced very conveniently to suit every budget and need. There are over 390 customer reviews on! Now isn’t that amazing?


Whether you happen to be a person who is buying a dry bag for the first time or a seasoned adventurer looking to replace your old travel gear with something new, buying the Leader Accessories New Heavy Duty Vinyl Waterproof Dry Bag will ensure you are getting your money’s worth. Since you may already be familiar with the best type of uses of dry bags, choosing the right size won’t be much of a problem.

Price mainly depends on the capacity of these bags, so you can expect to pay the least for the 5 L version and the most for the 55 L variant. It is now your time to experience the joys of nature without worrying about the safety of your equipment.

Product Specs
Name: Leader Accessories New Heavy Duty Vinyl Waterproof Dry Bag
Material: Vinyl polyester trilaminate
Color: Black, white, green and various other colors
Sizes: 15 L, 10 L, 15 L, 20 L, 30 L, 40 L, 55 L

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