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DrySak Premium Waterproof Dry Bag Review

Planning for your next big adventure? Don’t leave home without a dry bag, which just may make the difference between a successful trip and a disappointment. Dry bags also referred to as waterproof bags are available in many sizes and provide excellent waterproofing solution that you may need for your valuable items. They are often used by adventure sports enthusiasts, especially those based on water such as canoeing, rafting, kayaking, etc. You can also use the bag to store items when traveling for an extended period because you can be sure of encountering rain or the need to cross rivers and streams.

There are also other numerous ways in which you can use a dry bag. Uses may range from inflating it to be used as a pillow or simply as a temporary bucket to carry water from one place to another. Remember, in the wilderness you need to make proper use of every resource you have at your disposal if you are to have a comfortable journey ahead. Many brands produce dry bags that offer excellent value for money due to their low cost and high effectiveness, but there are also other brands that are not quite so good. However, the DrySak Premium Waterproof Dry Bag with Exterior Zip Pocket would be an excellent choice for a beginner for many reasons that are explained as follows.


Sizes Available: Sak Gear is a premium brand that offers various camping gear that is suitable for every budget and need. Depending on your need, you can choose the bag of either 10 L or 20 L in capacity, both of which will give you different advantages and disadvantages. In a 10 L bag, you can fit some of your clothes, electronic items, and small tools that you will be carrying on your travels; a 20 L bag, however, will apparently give you greater ability to store more goods. You can store clothes for two people, food supplies, rain gear, and other necessities.

Simple in design and light in weight, this dry bag is the perfect solution for waterproofing. The company guarantees 100% satisfaction, or you can take your money back. If you are going on a solo trip for a short duration, a 10 L bag will suffice but for extended adventures consider getting a 20 L variant that you can use for multiple purposes and as a replacement for other bags.

Material: The DrySak Premium Waterproof Dry Bag is made from superior quality 500 denier polyester that is coated with vinyl to keep out water. This material is one of the finest choices for making dry bags because they provide greater waterproofing than other fabrics such as plastic. Moreover, they are light in weight and is easily foldable to a more compact size. This bag will give you a splash-proof outer zip that facilitates quick access to small essential items that you can reach easily without opening the entire storage.

The company believes in providing only the best quality products, and this one is no different as you can see from the customer reviews on This durable item is available in many attractive colors that reflect your style and personality. If you have to invest money buying a reliable product, then go for this brand with your eyes closed because they have themselves worthy of being one of the best in the market.

Portability: This high water resistant dry bag comes with many unique features and superior reliability that makes it ideal to be used in many situations and for storing different types of items. Believe it or not, you can use this bag to keep your beverages cool by storing them inside along with ice. Moreover, it could also come in use to professional photographers who may use it to store their highly sensitive and expensive items dry in wet situations. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps that can be detached as necessary. You can easily sling it over your shoulder and carry the bag on your travels. You can also attach the strap the bag to a boat or kayak for greater convenience.

Ease of Use: This dry sack is extremely user-friendly, and you don’t need to have any prior experience with handling dry bags to know how to use this one. Regardless of your choice in size, this bag provides a lot of room to store the required items, and all you have to do to protect them is use the roll top watertight closing system to seal off the bag completely. Just roll down the top three times, snap the buckle close, and you’re done securing your stuff from rain, snow, water splashes, and dips in water. The best part about this dry bag is that it floats perfectly in water — in case you ever need to cross a river or stream with this bag by your side.

Value: The DrySak Premium Waterproof Dry Bag comes at a similar price tag as the Surfun dry bag and offers every possible feature necessary for you to survive the wilderness. The material is easy to clean as all you need to do is use some warm water and a gentle detergent to wash away the dirt and debris that may have accumulated over the journey. Plus, a bonus feature comes in the form of a reflective trim that surrounds the pocket zipper that will help you to stay visible at night. Even if you lose your bag due to any unfortunate circumstances, it would be easier for you to locate even in the dark and retrieve it. Fantastic design, greater ease of use, and an affordable price make this a complete value for money purchase.


You can buy dry bags from many brands that offer both reliability and value for money, but DrySak Premium Waterproof Dry Bag is one product that fits every budget and requirement. If you are packing for your first adventure trip, this item is a must have as it will relieve you from a lot of worry and headache about protecting your valuables from water damage. You can buy directly from Regardless of where you buy, be sure that the product is genuine, and the site is reputable.

Product Specs
Name: DrySak Premium Waterproof Dry Bag with Exterior Zip Pocket
Material: 500 denier polyester
Color: Pink, yellow, blue, and various other colors
Sizes: 10 L, 20 L

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