Best Dry Bags

Dry bag reviews for kayaking, hiking, camping and more!

What Are Dry Bags?

Imagine this scenario: you and your friends are canoeing down a river as you make your way toward a campsite where you plan on spending the night. Suddenly, you hit some rapids in the river that cause your canoe to jerk and twist as it moves forward. This sudden jerking motion causes your backpack to…

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Dry Bags Are a Great Help to Outdoor Enthusiasts

When you are traveling or going on a fishing or rafting expedition, you can have a lot of peace of mind, if you carry all your precious belongings in a dry bag. Dry bags ensure that, even when they fall into the water, their construction ensures that no water or moisture gets into the contents…

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Montem Premium Waterproof Roll Top Dry Bag Review

Are you the kind of person who is best described as a traveling and adventure enthusiast? Do you love venturing into the natural wilderness every now and then and get lost in the midst of its beauty? You may also be an adrenaline junkie who is into lots of outdoor activities and sports. Whether you…

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Big Horn Products 30L Rolltop Dry Bag Backpack Review

Whether you are an adventure aficionado or a person who lives in a place which is drenched all year round, a waterproof backpack is a necessity. Not only are these Rolltop Dry Bags completely waterproof, but some of them even manage to float by themselves, and that makes it perfect for paddling, kayaking adventures. In…

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Outdoor Products Ultimate Dry Sack Pack Review

Waterproof dry bags are a god send, especially if you are an avid adventurer. Not only are these bags great for carrying your belongings, they are fully waterproof as well. Moreover, you can also use these bags as a life buoy. Although these bags may not have smart storage pockets or multiples zippers, they are…

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