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Blusmart 10L/20L Waterproof Dry Bags Review

In the life of an adventurer, there are few things that prove to be more useful than a waterproof dry bag. These bags are made to protect your precious belongings like your camera, phone from sustaining water damage.

Imagine this scenario, you have taken along your gear for a kayaking trip, and a huge wave of water lands right on your belongings. If your electronic goods are not kept protected in a waterproof dry bag, you can kiss them goodbye. That is how important a waterproof dry bag can prove to be in such circumstances.

In this article, we will review the highly capable Waterproof Dry Bags from Blusmart and find out why it holds a stellar rating of 4.8 in Read along to find out everything you need to know about these brilliant and highly useful waterproof dry bags.


Sizes Available: Blusmart sells their waterproof dry bag in two sizes, and they are 10 L and 20 L capacities. These bags also come bundled with a waterproof waist pouch which is sufficiently large to hold your mobile phone and wallet.

In our opinion, the 10 L size is a bit on the smaller side. However, that makes sense if you are only thinking of protecting your camera equipment or for carrying your kid’s equipment. On the other hand, the 20 L size is sufficiently large for carrying clothes in addition to any electronic equipment like your camera.

Material:  This waterproof dry bag from Blusmart is made out of an IPX7 rated waterproof material which will protect your belongings even under submersion. The IPX7 rating means that this bag will be completely protected from water up to 1 meter in depth.

Moreover, this waterproof bag is also rated for Hydrostatic water resistance index up to 20000 mm. To make things even more impressive, you can also use this bag as a life buoy. That is extremely useful in case you do not know how to swim.

Portability: Although you will not be able to fold up this waterproof dry bag into a pocketable pouch, it is fairly portable once you roll it up. Moreover, the 10 L bag weighs about 1.07 lb (0.485 Kg), while the 20 L bag weighs about 1.4 lb (0.655 Kg) and that makes it a breeze to carry around.

Ease of Use: This waterproof dry bag is quite straightforward to use. Both the 10 L and 20 L versions come with a single shoulder strap which is also adjustable along with a handle to carry it around. The quality of the joints around the strap and handle are highly durable and manages to inspire a sense of confidence when you lift it up. Moreover, the durable joints also allow for top notch waterproofing capabilities.

Enabling its waterproofing capabilities is also pretty simple. All you need to do is fold the top portion three times around the stiffening blade and then close the buckle; your bag will be completely waterproof once you seal the buckle.

The other impressive thing about this Blusmart bag is the pouch that comes bundled with it. Not only is it extremely useful to carry your mobile phone and wallet, but it is also fully waterproof, and that only adds to the convenience.

Value: Both the Blusmart waterproof dry bags are priced under $20, and that makes both these bags incredibly good value for money. Moreover, the handy waterproof pouch that comes bundled with this set only adds to the value factor. In our opinion, both the variants offer a lot of features for the price and compared to similar products; they are priced rather competitively.


There are quite a few waterproof dry bags available in the market today, but few offer the level of quality that the Blusmart bags offer. Moreover, they offer excellent value as well. If you are in the market for a waterproof dry bag which is high on reliability and quality, then this product is surely the one to go for.

Product Specs
Name: Waterproof Backpack by Big Horn Products – Large 30L Rolltop Dry Bag Backpack
Material: 100% waterproof PVC outdoor waterproof fabric. IPX7 rated.
Color: Black, blue, green, orange and yellow
Sizes: 10 L, 20L

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