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Big Horn Products 30L Rolltop Dry Bag Backpack Review

Whether you are an adventure aficionado or a person who lives in a place which is drenched all year round, a waterproof backpack is a necessity. Not only are these Rolltop Dry Bags completely waterproof, but some of them even manage to float by themselves, and that makes it perfect for paddling, kayaking adventures.

In this article, we will review the stellar Waterproof Backpack from Big Horn Products and find out whether it can be your new companion on your next big adventure trip. Read along to find out everything you need to know about this incredible waterproof backpack.


Sizes Available: This bag is currently available in a single size only, that is the 30 L capacity. In our opinion, it is sufficiently large. You will be able to fit a lot inside this backpack, and that includes your clothes and electronic gear as well. Moreover, you can make use of the nifty Outer Dry Web to keep your wet items completely separate from the dry items in your backpack.

On top of that, you also get mesh side pockets which can accommodate two medium sized bottles quite easily. All in all, the 30 L capacity, will suffice for most adventurers, albeit the ones going out for a long camping trip.

Material:  This Big Horn Products 30L Rolltop Dry Bag Backpack is made out of a Heavy Gauge PVC which allows it to be completely waterproof. In case you are worried about protecting your belongings from heavy rain, this material can keep the interior completely dry even after it is fully submerged under water.

Portability: This backpack is not intended to be folded up and carried in a pouch. When it comes to portability, it is like any other standard backpack; you slide your arms into the shoulder straps and carry it along.

Moreover, this backpack is lightweight and does not add any additional weight through unnecessary features. That makes carrying this backpack a breeze, and you will not be burdening your shoulders with extra weight from the dry bag itself.

Ease of Use: This is where the Big Horn Products 30L Rolltop Dry Bag Backpack takes the cake. This backpack comes with many thoughtful features which make it a pleasure to use.

This backpack comes with a padded back support which makes it quite comfortable to carry around even when it is filled to the brim. Moreover, the padded back support also enables air flow to make it even more convenient to use during the sweltering summer heat. On top of that, the low profile lumbar pad makes it easy on your back even under heavy load.

This backpack comes with padded shoulder straps as well. Moreover, the sternum strap ensures that your backpack stays fixed to your body even when you are battling against the unforgiving forces of nature.

However, none of the above features are quite as thoughtful as the following one. This backpack comes with a rear facing reflective indicator which glows in the dark, allowing you to easily keep track of the person in front when you head out for adventures in treacherous environments.

Value:  The best part about this Big Horn Products 30L Rolltop Dry Bag Backpack is that you can use it as a normal backpack when you feel like it. No other Rolltop dry bag matches the versatility of this product. In our opinion, this waterproof backpack from Big Horn Products is priced very competitively for what it offers.

While it may be priced higher than simple rolltop dry bags, it offers quite a lot more than those bags when it comes to functionality. Moreover, we believe that the large 30 L capacity also accounts for the premium you have to pay over standard Rolltop dry bags.


Even though today’s market is flooded with a large variety of Rolltop dry bags, it is easy to make a strong case for this stellar waterproof backpack from Big Horn Products. If you are in the market for a high-quality rolltop dry bag which doubles up as a standard backpack, then purchasing this product is a no brainer.

Product Specs
Name: Waterproof Backpack by Big Horn Products – Large 30L Rolltop Dry Bag Backpack
Material: 100% waterproof Heavy Gauge PVC
Color: Black, blue, red, and white
Sizes: 30 L

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